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     $10,000 INCL GST


Price includes installation, based off 3 bedrooms and a living area. Approx 100-120sqm home.

*T's and C's apply

Get in quick, this is a limited time offer


What is a ducted heat pump?

A ducted heat pump uses air ducts in your roof space or underfloor to discreetly deliver heating & cooling to multiple rooms through vents in either the floor,wall or ceiling.

How does Daikin's Airside Zone Control Work?

Daikin's Airside Control feature delivers conditioned air to your nominated zones more efficiently than ever
before. With the typical home divided into separate areas or 'zones', it makes sense to only air-condition zones that are occupied and to switch unoccupied zones off.

Airside Control takes this one step further, as zones are turned off, the indoor unit fan reduces speed automatically to meet the airflow requirement of the remaining open zones. This action results in comfort where required, quieter operation and greater energy savings. This feature is only available on Premium Inverted Ducted paired with the Zone Controller.

Daikin Airbase - WiFi

Daikin Airbase puts your ducted system’s frequently used
functions at your fingertip with an easy to use app.
In conjunction with Daikin’s BRP15B61 wireless LAN

The Airbase app lets you use your smartphone
or tablet* to operate your air conditioning unit

via your inhome Wi-Fi or remotely with an internet connection.
Up to 5 systems** can be conveniently monitored and
controlled on the app anywhere, anytime.

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