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Panasonic Z20 Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


High Wall Heat Pump - Ideal for the small Bedroom or Office

Cooling: 2.05 kW Heating: 2.70 kW $1100.00 incl GST

Panasonic Z25 Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


High Wall Heat Pump - Larger Bedrooms

Cooling: 2.50 kW Heating: 3.20 kW $1200.00 incl GST

Panasonic Z35 Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


High Wall Heat Pump

Cooling: 3.50 kW Heating: 4.30 kW $1300.00 incl GST

Panasonic Z42 Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


High Wall Heat Pump

Cooling: 4.20 kW Heating: 5.10 kW $1450.00 incl GST

Panasonic Z50 Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


High Wall Heat Pump - Perfect for the Living Area

Cooling: 5.00 kW Heating: 6.00 kW $1750.00 incl GST

Panasonic Z60 Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


High Wall Heat Pump - Larger Open Plan Living Spaces

Cooling: 6.00 kW Heating: 7.20 kW $2200.00 incl GST

Choose a Panasonic AERO VKR Series air conditioner to stay warm during winter - now featuring the stylish new Aerowings design, nanoe-G Air Purifying System and advanced ECONAVI technology - the ultimate in energy saving performance.


The NEW premium highwall INVERTER Heat Pump series, the AERO VKR Series combines slim design and the most cutting-edge technology. Featuring nanoeX, INVERTER, AEROWINGS, i-AutoX.

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