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Heat Pump Servicing

To keep a heat pump working at peak efficiency, it is important that your heat pump is serviced regularly.

If you use your system year-round to heat and cool, Blizzard recommend that you have your heat pump serviced every year by a Air Conditioning technician. If you only use it in winter to heat your home, or in summer to cool your home down, then a service every two years should be fine.

In between services, make sure your heat pump filters are cleaned to ensure they aren’t clogged. Vacuuming away the dust every 3 months is good practice, as is maintaining the area around your outdoor unit to ensure there are no leaves or weeds growing nearby.

If you haven’t had your unit cleaned in a while, then give us a call today. Our service technicians will ensure your heat pump is running at maximum efficiency

What is involved in servicing your Air Conditioning unit

 Check heat pump for any unexpected noises and/or vibrations

 Inspect and clean filters

• Check all electrical connections, controls and safety functions

• Check refrigerant pipe connection for signs of leakage

• Check fan motor

• Check drain or condensate pump if fitted

• Replace remote batteries

• Clean all unit covers indoor and outdoor units

• Spray coils with anti bacterial coil cleaner and straighten damaged fins

• Check heating/cooling temperatures of indoor unit

Call us Today to have your Heat Pump serviced by one of our technicians

Take advantage of our service for only $120.00 incl gst for a full heat pump service.

This service is for Hi Wall and Floor console models only and is for residential customers only. Additional units are $50.00 incl gst each

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